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Compassionate, Reliable Support

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It All Begins with
That 1st Smile

Paying It Forward Surrogacy is passionate about helping families through surrogacy and supporting surrogates in their journey. Focused on your path to parenthood, our goal is to match intended parents with the perfect fit for a gestational surrogate.

Meet Our Founder

Beth Moszkowicz began Paying It Forward Surrogacy with a passionate commitment to helping others navigate the surrogacy process. As a mother who has been through the journey of becoming a parent through surrogacy twice, Beth’s commitment to the families she serves is combined with direct experience with the process.

Through personalized attention, understanding, and compassion, Beth is proud to help others give and receive the gift of parenthood. As she recalls the overwhelming process of building her own family through surrogacy, Beth provides hope and support every step of the way. Her direct experience with infertility, IVF, and 3rd-party reproduction is the driving force in her dedication to matching parents with their ideal surrogate.

Feeling fortunate to have built her own family through surrogacy, Beth’s goal is to pay it forward. She’s proud to live out her dreams and passion through her work, helping parents build and complete their families, and supporting surrogates in their journey. In addition to her years of experience with the surrogacy process, Beth holds an M.A. J.D. in Communications from Syracuse University and a B.A. from Brandeis University.

Our Mission

Our full-service surrogacy agency is committed to providing superior knowledge, support, and guidance through your path to parenthood. Our mission is to provide the support and resources necessary for a successful journey while creating an environment of trust, compassion, and respect. We focus on bringing you the highest degree of safety and the peace of mind you deserve as you build your family or provide hope to others.

Through individualized support, we walk beside you every step of the way. It will always be our mission to ensure the best possible experience, keeping you informed and empowered as you navigate this process. We are passionate about helping families and surrogates make the right decisions for themselves and their families. You are not alone, and we’re here to help you make this journey unforgettable.